Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 365- Dayzzzzzz 107-126

Twenty days.
It has been twenty days since I have posted a single photo or word.
I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a good excuse.
But sadly, I have none.
I used to see a psychologist that was very fascinated with how people perceive the passage of time. He explained to me that the world was mostly made up of three types of people. One lives in the past, always looking back at what was and what they should of or could have done. Another lives mostly in the present, thinking about the here and now and never reflecting. A third type lives in the future, things will be better when I do such and such.
Then there is a fourth type.
This type is not common.
This type lives outside of time.
An hour can seem to pass as slow as a week or a month can fly by without even realizing it.
They cannot grasp why or how they always seem to be running behind.
And this type very seldom wear watches.
It is as if time means nothing to them.
Guess which type he pegged me to be?

Now it seems I need to play catch up.
Even though I haven't been posting any I have still been taking photographs daily.
Well, except for a few days where apparently time got away from me once again.
For those handful of days I will post a photo of the same day, just in another year.
Hey, it still shows the passage of time, maybe even more blatantly.
So here goes, the past almost month of my life in one long pictorial.

Day 107
Big brother teaches little sis how to break dance.
Day 108
Dinner. Shrimp tempura roll, miso soup, and sunomono. Yes, fried shrimp is not the healthiest choice but this was a vacation I was on so...
Day 109
The little girl and her similarly wild cousin, sporting the same forced smile.
Day 110
That's better.
Day 111
Okay you see this was one of those days where my head was in the clouds or something. This photo is from four years ago. What's the first thing one does when one moves to the country (after purchasing the required cowboy hats)? Well you buy mini farm animals of course!
Day 112
This is pretty self explanatory.
Day 113
Headed off to Grandma and Grandpa Herrick's to hunt for Easter eggs with the cousins!
Day 114
Picked up a flat of delicious strawberries in Gilroy. The big guy washed and hulled all of these so I could freeze them. I make smoothies a lot especially during the summer. It is a great way to sneak in things my son needs but won't eat, like veggies and protein powder. Shhh.
Day 115
Discovered that the big guy had also bought strawberries so I used some of those to make a strawberry pie, almost from scratch. I don't do homemade pie crusts. They taste good, but boy are they ugly.
Day 116
After patiently waiting for two years watching his friends rake in the dough, the boy came home from school with a wiggly tooth. Seven years old and it finally happened for him. I figured it would be wise to take a snapshot of his perfect smile before it changed forever.
Day 117
It took me less than a minute to go from the bathroom to the kitchen, grab my sunglasses and car keys and walk to the door. In that minute she got a hold of my mascara. Thankfully it was not waterproof so I had her cleaned up and out the door for the morning school drop off rush just as quickly. Naughty girl 0. Tired Mom 1.
Day 118
While searching on craigslist for more mini farm animals I spotted a friend's email address in an ad. She was trying to re-home some very adorable kittens. What luck. We stopped by after school and picked up two. Meet Spot, the boy's kitten, and Nemo, the little girl's new friend. They are adorable, full of energy, and the kids are in love. Thanks T!
Day 119
The boy and I went into town to buy groceries. The big guy stayed home to do some yard work and watch the little girl so I didn't have to lug her around to several stores. This is how she was dressed when I got home. All aboard!
Day 120
The boy had one of his cousins over for a play date. They played in the sprinklers and ended up cold so to the hot tub they all went. And yes, that is the same sucker from the day before. Thank you Dollar Tree candy, cheap and long lasting.
Day 121
The little girl and I went to the zoo with my sister in law and her girls that morning. Her favorite animals at the zoo are the elephants so while everyone else was checking out the monkeys we visited with the elephants. She insisted on having her picture taken on this elephant as well. Sorry that it's so grainy. This was taken on my Blackberry.
Day 122
Yes, no photo this day either. This picture is from seven years ago. My two favorite bald guys, when the smaller guy was almost one month old. A few days after this photo I was in Stanford Children's Hospital with the little guy having surgery to treat his pyloric stenosis. Those were some pretty scary times and the big guy had to stay behind. I remember calling him the second he was safely out of surgery and hearing his whole academy class cheer when he relayed the message that the baby was fine. I once read a quote from Elizabeth Stone that said, "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." That was never more real for me than in that week.
Day 123
Cookie batter tester extraordinaire!
Day 124
Okay, perhaps I should have waited a day to get a less gory looking photo, but he had just lost his first tooth. He was so very excited. Another milestone checked off the list.
Day 125
This is what I see as I drive down our road every morning. I am trying to savor all the beauty of the green grass and wildflowers because the hills are already turning brown as the valley heat makes it's yearly appearance.
Day 126
Today was the start of Mother's Day weekend. Oh no, it is not just a day any more. The big guy took the tiny terrorists into town this morning so I could have peace and quiet. It was lovely.
I made some homemade bread and while organizing my kitchen cupboard I got the urge to research how to make homemade vanilla. I had read it was easy and that it just took time. I found the biggest jar I could find in my house, an oversized pickle jar, no doubt purchased at Costco, the land of abnormally large condiments. I washed it out and then ordered some vanilla beans from Ebay. Yes, they even have vanilla beans. The big guy picked up a big bottle of Vodka for me and now I just have to wait for my beans to arrive. All you do is add the vodka (or any other alcohol; gin, rum, whiskey)to your large jar, make a small slice in about 20-30 vanilla beans, drop them into the alcohol, put the lid on, and find a cool dark place for them to sit for the next 2 months. I have heard 1-2 months is fine but some folks recommend up to 6 months for the best vanilla extract. I am really looking forward to it. I spend at the very least $3 on that small 2 ounce bottle of generic (not imitation) vanilla extract. That's $1.50 per ounce minimum. And I go through 2 bottle of that a month, sometimes 3. With my homemade extract the total cost for 80 ounces will be $26.50 or 33 cents per ounce! Saves a ton of money and it tastes better? Who knew. But if you bake a lot then you need to make your own extract. I also discovered that most store bought vanilla extracts add corn syrup to their mix! Corn syrup? Don't we get enough of that already?

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